So after it dried, the frizz was only in a few sections. I'm guessing these sections needed more okra gel. I applied the okra gel in the same way I do FSG. My guess is that you need to use more okra gel. The clumps on the FSG side were more defined. The okra side was more fluffy, but in a uncontrolled way. All in all, the results seem quite similar. But I didn't like the look of the hair with okra gel as well. Also, the smell of the okra gel is weird, especially in the morning. My hair retained some of the smell of the Okra gel. I got a whiff as I was sleeping last night. My hair usually doesn't retain scents.
I refreshed with FSG and Okra gel this morning. I'll report back anything new. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
2a ( 2bFi (Fia), very fine, thin, low/normal elasticity, porous, CG, doesn't get weighed down
Cowash: Tresemme naturals
Rinse out/leave in: Renpure Organics (red)
Curl enhancer: FSG
Gel: BRHG, Salon care aloe, Ecostyler Krystal (normal dews)
PT: ION effective care, IAgirl's gelatin PT
Low Poo: renpure (red), Ion swimmers