I'm in a constant dilema about my hair color. I like having highlights in there, but I want them to complement the rest of me.
The problem is, everything I've read about skin and hair tones says that a person with pinkish skin like I have, with the veins looking blue-ish through the skin should have cool-toned hair. Ashy blondes and browns, etc.

But I also happen to have light brown freckles on my face---and that, according to ''the rules'' calls for warmer tones in hair. Strawberry blondes, golden, reds, etc.

So, any of you has this kind of coloring? If so, what do you do when you want to add a little something to your hair?

Pink skin (blushes and sunburns easily)
Light-brown freckles
Hazel eyes (Olive green with small rusty brown center)
Free the Curls!