I wish I could hire one of you wonderful ladies to babysit for me. I can't leave Calvin home alone for the next 4-6 weeks (he's got major crate issues and would just further hurt himself trying to get out, he's ok if someone is here with him) and I have no idea how I'll get out and do the errands I need to do.

Or how I'll attend my honeys promotion ceremony that I'm supposed to participate in.

Maybe I can find a local dog sitter that would come stay at the house for a few hours. I'll just feel strange having someone in the house that I don't know.

Calvin says thank you VERY much for the well wishes.
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See if one of your husband's coworkers has a trustworthy teenager that will watch Calvin for you. Flying Spaghetti Monster knows we always need money for something....
Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

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