Aweee....poor Calvin..he looks so sad with his little snout sticking out of his crate! Hope you both feel better soon!

Ninja....I know I know....It's just so very tempting not to shout it at them when someone thinks it's okay to put their hands (and other things) on you without permission. Ugh. I'll keep it under wraps. *grumble grumble*

Edited to say:

Kenzie...he did sign a waiver...but the incident in question was not given to him as his reason for termination... (me being the only female in this office gave fear that he would obviously know where it came from and take revenge) I'm afraid that since he was only told "we no longer need your services" that that might be a reason that I can't say it to his prospective employer...

Originally Posted by SpaghettiHead
There's a very fine line about what you can and cannot disclose. If your company has a lawyer on retainer, you could check with her/him, but the risk of liability is high.

Of course I agree that this jerk deserves to be outed, but not only did I formerly work with lawyers, I also checked references for a "large national insurance company" and the rules have tightened significantly since then.

Really, I'm just trying to cover your @ss. The hell you would face in court if a lawsuit is indeed instigated is worse than the @ss-kicking this guy deserves.

I'm sorry things work this way, but they do.