hi there, i am new to posting notes but have been lurking through the posts for about a week now, have taken a very keen interest in my hair since i got it cut before christmas, it was past my shoulders but we(my hairdresser and i) have found the most amazing waves/curls since cutting to midneck length, i have been coomparing pictures and i think i am a 2b/3a more wavy at the front but at the back is quite botticelli esque! so i am on a mission to get the front like the back, but in the mean time i have been no-pooing for the last two weeks and am loving what my hair is doing, and my hair is loving the attention it has been getting. great site!!! thanks for giving us curlies somewhere to take refuge!
Thick, 2C with little 3A's thrown in to make my hair look a little more wild.FIA:2c/3a-M
Last Haircut:17/1/07
Ultimate Goal: To go as long as possible
Products Used:coconut cowash, tescos own gel citrus spice whipped butter
Hair Length:BSL
NEW PHOTOS ADDED: 20th August'09