I LOVE auburn, I agree it would make my eyes stand out...but would it not also bring all the red tones in my skin, making me look blotchy?
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Not sure what you would think of the color up against your skin. It would be great if you had a friend with the hair color you want. You could stand next to each other and look in the mirror. My sister and I always did that when we were young. She had blonde and would drape it over the side of my face. Then, we'd switch.

I'm a redhead and my skin is very fair pink. It's so pink that no company makes a foundation to match. They all look really yellow, no matter how neutral they are. I wear Lancome's dual finish powder called Rose Clair... you know what rose means... PINK! I'm biased, but I think redhair looks best on people with a fair skin and a pink undertone.
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