I am shortish (5'4 1/2"), but too tall for petites. I have a terrible time finding pants, mainly because I have slender hips. Loft? Eddie Bauer? Their smallest sizes (0 at Loft; 2 at Eddie Bauer) are too big for me. (I just saw that Loft does, in theory, have some 00s, but that option is always grayed out when I find a style I like.) I can buy pants in the junior department at Target, but a lot the styles don't look right for someone my age (almost 50). Do any other over-40 women have these same clothing issues? Where do you shop?

Just found some 00 and 0 petite crops on the Loft web site. (I just tried on the 0s in the store, and they were a near-miss.) Since they aren't full-length pants, the petites might work. Still, that won't help me with regular pants. Gap used to be my go-to store, but the very low waists on their pants just aren't very flattering if you have even a bit of a belly.
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My sister is 50, 5'4" and lean. She loves Liz Claiborne. She says that they always fit her perfectly. I think Macy's and JC Penney carry that brand.

I agree with the previous poster that Express Editor pants are great for lean people. They look modern.
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