The Republican base hates the healthcare bill that was passed in '09, or what they like to call it: "Obamacare". That was based on his healthcare plan in MA. Due to that I highly doubt he'll even be a front runner in the GOP primary. His adversaries would definately use that bit against him, and probably successfully succeed in doing so.

I don't know if I'd support him though. If he's like any of the other typical GOP members in Congress who want tax cuts for the rich, cut unemployment, abolish Roe V Wade, etc. then no.
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He spoke on his healthcare plan today at 2:00. I missed it because I'm at work, so I don't know what he said. He was to explain the differences b/w his plan and Obama's, and why it is a myth that Obama's plan was based on his.

I think just about any reasonable Republican could beat Obama at this point. I used to not think that, but the economy is so bad, the environment is so bad which is going to greatly pull on the economy. The U.S. trend of computerizing jobs and sending jobs overseas is catching up, and companies are still doing these things at the same or higher rates b/c they're struggling. They don't get that if you cut everyone on the bottom, it's going to bottom out from under you. People don't get that the economy is transitive, and that no one has the "right" answers or can make the "right" choices.

There are a lot of dangerous trends going on that are either unstoppable or out of control. It's going to be tough for many if not the majority of Americans - I will say it whether it is popular on not to say b/c ignoring doesn't work. I think some heavy, unpopular legislation would have to put in play to stop the trainwreck at this point, and no one will do it. A Republican can't or won't stop it, but the odds will greatly favor a Repub becoming President, regardless.