Come on IAgirl. I know you want to try soil bacteria gel and worm goo gel. You know you wanna.
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So help me, I do. But it seems almost a little unethical - keeping petri dishes of bacteria growing just to harvest their goo. De-sliming worms - can that be like shearing sheep?

One thing is for sure. I am NOT eating plain okra.
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Think of it as bacteria farming and worm herding. C'mon, do it! If it works, I'll buy some. What could be more natural than putting dirt and worm snot on your head?
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Well, if you're at my house, you're going to have both in your hair whether you like it or not, plus road dust, plus some dog snot. He always checks out people's hair.

But no okra. I have my limits.
Pedaheh is brave.
Are you making gumbo with the leftovers? It's actually good IN something.