It seems like it would be ideal, if it worked. Has anyone tried a bonnet attachment? The picture on the box looks pretty 80's, and I can only imagine the "astronaut" jokes I would get from my DBF, but I would LOVE to add some constant heat to my DT's, or even slip it on and do my makeup while my hair dries. It's only $9 and I spend more than that on a bottle of conditioner... should I proceed?

Conair Professional - Conair Pro Soft Bonnet Attachment

Thanks in advance, Curlies
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I actually just picked up the gold n hot bonnet dryer last night from Sally's to try wet sets on. Since I'm new to wet setting I wanted something cheap in case this ends up not working for me. However I'm thinking if I do stick with it I'm going to spend the extra money and get a hard hat dryer later on.

Also wanted to add I picked up the Mastex Thermal Spa heated cap from Amazon for when I do DTs. It isn't very noisy however I have to sit and read or watch something on TV while I'm DTing since the cord isn't very long.
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Please, let us know what you think!!

Update: The DBF is very supportive of the babyliss
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