Kat, I'm glad you're enjoying his stuff as well. I really love his take on books and shows. I can't wait until he's done with Avatar and tackles M. Night's ****ty movie.

In things that angry up the blood, found this precisely on a site which has the episodes of A:TLA with permission from Nickelodeon:

Sorta sucks that legend of korra is about a girl. Not sexist or anything> Just saying that there are alot more guy veiwers than girls, this'll throw alot of them off.
And a reply from someone else after a few saying they don't see the problem:

As long as there are no "girl power" episodes, I will be fine with a female avatar as well.
Ugh. Go die in an Azula-created fire, please. One, there's the assumption that the majority of the viewership is male, when it's a pretty even split. Two, just because you know a lot of guy viewers who like the show, doesn't mean you represent the fandom. Three and most importantly of all, so ****ing what that it's a girl. Really, you can't enjoy something where a female is the lead? REALLY? I can't even. Will you become less manly from exposure to a (kick-ass) female? Oh right, it's just like how white people only want to watch white people hence the whitewashing in Hollywood. This is part of the reason that when shows are geared towards girls, it often tends to be My Little Pony type ******** --- because apparently that must be what girls like. Boys like testosterone fests. 24/7 testosterone! Fourth, how can you stand A:TLA? It's full of BAMF female characters. The creators have talked about their desire to subvert gender roles, for pete's sake. Gotta love the not sexist disclaimer!

And as for that brilliant reply from some other brilliant mind, well, that's a relief to know you're okay with the womenfolk getting a lead in a TV show. Hopefully they'll try to keep the empowerment to a minimum. Wouldn't want little girls being exposed to such pervasive ideas, after all!

Seriously, die in a fire.

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