Saria, does he slur his words a lot? Speak very quickly? Spatter his speech with long pauses wherein all he says is "eh..............."? It helps so much to watch the mouth as a French person speaks. I hope it gets easier in person.

Don't forget to purse your lips when you reply. He should start nodding in understanding once he sees you making the French-talking face.
Besides, you know all his terms from your training. Give yourself that moment in your mind to put a picture to his words.

I always seem slow-witted with native French speakers because my father spoke more slowly, and because I spend time imagining their words as pictures in my mind (at least for a while).
Originally Posted by ninja dog
@ the French-talking husband is Parisian & i lived there for a few years.

I could understand some people clearly but w/others I was always...duh..
many younger french ppl speak soo frackin fast it makes my head spin.
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