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We got some good news on the grandma front. There aren't any other tumors showing up on the full body scan. Now the doctor is talking brain surgery to get out the big tumor, but better to have one tumor than many.


Saria, I take exception to your My Little Pony hatred! Avatar is more awesome, obviously, but the new My Little Pony series is quite hilarious. The older versions were lame, but this new one cracks me up. I know your overall point was more about the fact that it's dumb that some morons think girls can't like an action/adventure series and that boys can't enjoy watching a show with a female lead, but I had to defend those zany ponies.
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The Queen of Gekkolandia. She's drunk with power. The rest of us have to live with her whims and demands, banishments and reinstatements. Why do you think I prefer working outside alone (I do have my dogs, though; she allows that)?