Hi. Posted this to the wrong thread trying again. I've just gnu for my second pixie cut after having it long for about 8 years. It's the ultimate easy car style. Can be dramatic and sexy and cause it's so short you can experiment with colour as any damage grows out very fast. However if your hair curls close to the scalp(and loosing the extra hair weight may make it do so). It won't sit like the pics. Personally I find my curls add interest and movement to the cut and love it. But it took some getting used to (last time my hair wasn't as curly). N also I get little sticky out bits. Sleeping on them helps hair hat short doesn't have the length to straighten.

Last time it took me about 4 years to grow my hair out to a short pony. Largely I think because I kept getting fed up and cutting it again I hard it the whole 4 years. Having had it long now I think I'll have more patience next time I decide to grow it again.