Thanks, rouquinne, and same to you. May the new job merit lots of champagne!
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omigawd, it does already and i haven't even started!!!!

i went over to the court house yesterday to fill out my security paperwork and found out that i get my own office with a door!


i have minions!

okay, not really... but, i will no longer have to be receptionist, file room clerk or mail clerk because that office has a receptionist, two clerks and an administrative assistant who are all available to assist ME!


and they're paying me MORE money for all this????

it's a good thing we've both already signed off and they can't change their minds!!!!

the downsides are no compressed work week, so i won't get a day off every 3rd week, and no jeans days on Fridays... but those are small prices to pay.

i need to go through my fabric stash to see what i have to make a bunch of new work wear - and maybe a trip to the fabric shop is in order...

Saria, i hope your new job is champagne-worthy too and that you really ENJOY voting in the elections next year! i was tickled pink the first time i voted.
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