Forgive my ignorance... but soap bars? I am confused... do you mean that you take a bar of Dove or Irish Spring and use it to wash your hair? Are there dedicated hair soap bars out there?
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TassieAnge got it right. Most of the commercial, mass produced products are detergents (if you read the ingredients.) The "soaps" you buy at the grocery store. I use handcrafted, natural bars made the old fashioned, cold process way--oils are saponified (made into soap) using lye.

You do have to be careful and read ingredients, as with anything else. Lush makes shampoo bars that have SLS in them! Some products are called soap bars and some shampoo bars. Soap bars are supposed to be "superfatted" in lines that have both. My hair HATES castor oil, so I also look for bars that don't have it.
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