I also have low porosity hair. My strands are fine, but tightly curled, so it's a mixed bag in terms of the weight of the products I use. For deep treatments, I prefer a creamy, medium weight consistency with a moderate amount of protein (to give my fine hair support). I sit under the hooded dryer with a plastic cap on for about 10-15 min so that it absorbs well.

For styling products, I prefer styling liquids and lightweight gels or creme-gels. The ones I use are by Joico and Redken (they are CG). Because of my curl pattern I only need a light to medium hold. If I do use a curl cream it's in sparse amounts on sopping wet hair to distribute it evenly. Still haven't found one I'm over the moon about yet, though. They do tend to sit on my hair for most of the day before finally absorbing, even if only a smidge is used Most days I can't be bothered, and stick to my styling lotion or gel. The lighter they are, the more definition they give, IME. Heavier products weigh down my hair and makes it look that way, like my hair is being smothered...

I have tried Tressemme Naturals and I did not care for it much, but I like Nature's Gate Aloe Vera. They're both thick-ish conditioners that need a little water to spread them and take a few minutes to penetrate the hair (so I apply them at the beginning of the shower). But I wouldn't use either one on a daily basis--I prefer the daily condish to be a little thinner and creamier.

So all that to say: I think the product consistency should moreso depend on whether your hair strands are fine, medium, or coarse. I think as long as the cuticles are open (wet warm hair) the hair will absorb what it needs, so low porosity shouldn't be that much of an issue.

I hadn't used any of the other products you mentioned, but hope this helps anyway
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