Wait, what? Is Buffy twelve? What is an eighteen-year-old, supposedly well adjusted young woman doing doodling "Buffy and Angel 4ever" on her notebook with a freaking bubble exclamation point? It's perfectly understandable for Angel to be doubting the morality of being in a relationship with Buffy considering the vast age difference (also, why is dialogue still calling him 243 when he's been established to have spent hundreds of years in Hell?!), but dude. SUBTLETY. Try it, you might like it. That way, you wouldn't have to have people randomly break character just to have your wangst of the week.

Also, was Willow's vampire double being "maybe a little gay" part of your plan for a switch I hear happens later? In which you apparently will refuse to ever let anyone utter the word bisexual? And what's gonna happen to Oz then?!?! I kinda wish I didn't know random stuff that happens later from conversations I've overheard. I really like the Oz I've cultivated in my mind from the nearly blank slate your writing gave me. I loved his casual phone call all "Hey, is [little cousin] a werewolf? ...Uh-huh. And how long has that been going on?" Who knew Seth Green ever played a silent, sensitive type? I sure didn't!

Also-also, the actors so make this show. The mayor has such fun with his part! His relationship with Faith is the only thing that makes her marginally less annoying for any space of time. It's still not worth it, though. Why do you keep acting like you've made her likable? Like, at all. Did you try and just suck at it? It's okay, dude, just kill her and try again with another one. You inexplicably did that with Kendra - AFTER you put her on a bus. Ugh, I have a feeling she will stick around for-freaking-ever. Do not want.

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