Wow, I've learned so many great things from -- maybe too many, ha ha! Plopping has absolutely saved my hair. I also learned to SOTC (which I used to never do -- I didn't think it was possible to remove crunch from your hair!), use some of my regular conditioner as a LI (I used to think this was disgusting, but now I know I can never get enough condish), avoid protein, NOT brush my hair -- EVER!, and learn to read product labels. I had no clue what I was putting on my hair before CG. I also picked up the icequeen method, which is amazing, and sealing with oil (and rubbing some on my scalp, which has absolutely saved my hair -- I literally don't know what I'd do without my Apricot Oil). And, I learned to make FSG, which really is amazing stuff. I also figured out what silicones were! Stopping sulfates and 'cones was the best thing I ever did, and I will never go back! So, thank you and all you lovely ladies for your help and support. I still have hair issues here and there, but it's so much better than it was that I have no right to complain. Thanks!
Type 2c/3a with lots of hair and a super sensitive scalp! Med/slightly coarse texture, low porosity and elasticity.

Low poo: Organix TTM, Essential Wholesale Free & Clean
Stylers: EcoStylers, GF Curl Shaping Gel, Aussie Aussome Volume Mousse & Instant Freeze Gel, GFPC, LALNC, La Bella Lots of Curls, Apricot Oil, KMFUM, AO B5DG
Extras: sugar scrubs, AVG washes, pre-poos with EVCO, oiling scalp before washes, plopping, gelatin PT.
Mod-CG since 12/1/10!