Being natural means that you will need to do research to realize why/how a product works on your hair, not just buy a product on the shelf. Become familiar with ingredients and know what your hair likes and dislikes.
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I've been learning what my hair likes and doesn't like recently. I know my hair is not a big fan of glycerin or protein so I've tried buying products with out it but even those have not been working and that's what's really disheartening right now.

The first 7 months post chop my hair would become a desert 2hrs after leaving the house .

It changed when I started using rinse out conditioners as my leave-in because products called leave ins just weren't cutting it .

The change was rinse out as leave in + sealing with coconut oil or any oil you have .

Is wetting your hair maybe every other day an option ? Nothing moisturizes better than water .

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I've tried regular leave ins and those don't seem to really work for my and I've tried leaving a bit of conditioner in my hair after rinsing and that makes my hair feel even worse. My hair doesn't particularly like light, penetrating oils like coconut or olive so I just stick to heavier things like castor oil though my hair will end up feeling dry after about an hour. I do wet my hair as much as possible but once it dries, it feels like straw and is very wiry.

I have to tell you that going natural is probably the biggest, most complicated research project I have ever undertaken. I agree with all the other posters. I would also add that build up on your hair sometimes prevents you from seeing how products affect your hair. Whenever I try a new product, I clarify first, and then use that product either alone, or with other products that I am familiar with. It's a process ofelimination to see what works and what doesnt. What kind of hair do you have? what type of products are you using? If you really can't take it any more, why not do a protective style and take a break? When it got frustrating for me I had to remember why I went natural in the first place. Also, I got frustrated when my hair didn't love (or downright HATED) products that others listed as their Holy Grails. I learned my hair is unique. I am still will have to develop patience to see this through....
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I always clarify when using a new product because the I can really see if it works or not. I also have been using protective styles since nothing seems to work for my hair. And yes, I know exactly what you mean about others holy grails. After experiencing so many fails with supposed "miracle" products I did more research to learn about what my hair liked and didn't like to avoid such terrible experiences again.

You may have already done so, but a hair analysis could also be helpful.

For a good two years now nothing worked for me, but recently I found out I was low porosity so nothing was getting into my hair.
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What is a hair analysis? I know my hair is low porosity, is very thick and is extremely coarse.

Along with what everyone else said, also learn your hair type. Not in terms of curl size, but the density, porosity, etc.

After almost 9 years, I'm learning in 2011 that my hair is porous. It drinks up everything I put near it and dries fast despite how much hair I have. I have to moisturize daily with water, a leave in and seal with a butter or oil. I cant skip a day. I especially have to care for the ends.

Yes, check those ingredients, the weather, etc.

Curious, what are you using now?
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Right now the only decent product that I've been sticking to is Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. As a leave-in and moisturizer I use QB Burdock Root Cream. It works ok but, it doesn't really leave my hair feeling moisturized for long (maybe 2 hours tops) I even mixed it with aloe juice because I know hair needs slightly acidic products to balance out it's pH. I seal with castor oil mostly because so far it seems to be the only sealant my hair tolerates. When I first started transitioning my hair was suffering from protein overload and someone recommended I use Aussie moist 3 minute deep conditioner. It left my hair feeling moist, soft and just great. When I tried using it again it made my hair feel dry and hard. I tried using a protein conditioner but that made it worse. So ever since then, I've yet to find something that leaves my hair feeling even half as good as the Aussie did that one time.

mybe you should try using a leave in, and sealng the hair w/ a good butter. when i started doing that, my hair was WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more moisturized and lasted, i don't even need to do it every night. i can do a braidout like once a week and still have moisture and definition for the whole week.
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I use shea butter from time to time but it just doesn't leave my hair feeling moist for more then an hour at most.

Last night I bought Jessicurl WDT because it's protein and glycerin free. I put on a shower cap and left it on for a couple of hours and once I rinsed it out, my hair felt so dry and hard. I was really hoping it would work but it didn't and that's what really made me want to just quit. I'm considering trying KBB's Luscious Locks Hair Mask along with the Sweet Ambrosia (glycerin is pretty low on the list of ingredients). I'm still thinking about getting the Butter Love.