I had a moment of weakness at the drugstore today, and I purchased this condish and the L'Oreal Studio styler, Tightly Wound Curl Boosting Spray Gel. And my moment of weakness extended to me hopping into the shower as soon as I got home to play with my new goodies.

Gotta say, I really like both products. The condish was thick and creamy, and rather floral scented. Fantastic slip, and my hair felt so silky when I rinsed it out. It actually seemed to make my hair more silky than Elucence. I sprayed on the Tightly Wound stuff without any of my mainstay, re:coil, just to see how it would fare on its own. Turns out, it worked pretty well alone! AND it smells lovely. Kinda vanilla-ish, and some lily scent? I can't explain. I used quite a bit... thoroughly covered my hair with the spray, and then scrunched with a microfiber towel. When it was nearly dry, I scrunched in a bit of re:coil for good measure, and then a bit more of the gel.

I have very springy, voluminous curls. Even the bits of my hair that generally don't curl are nice and curly. And it seems softer and shinier than before, too.

I know you're supposed to only use one new product at a time, to see which one is making the difference, but I couldn't wait. I'll do more extensive testing later. But for now, my hair smells and looks lovely.

I'd take a picture, but I managed to step on my USB cable when it was plugged in, and I bent it out of shape. So, awesome. But both of these products get a thumbs up from me!

Oh... my hair is 2C/3A, shoulder length.
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