This confuses me? Cold is San Fran? I would think it's fairly perfect sandal weather most of the time!

Of course I'm from Maine and pretty much once the snow goes out the flip flops go on!
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I'd say 95% of the year its too cold for sandals in SF. Every other place in the San Francisco Bay Area its warm, just not in San Francisco and certainly not the party of SF I live in. Whenever I see a movie set in SF and they show sunny skies, I think "that's a rare day in the city"

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The old Mark Twain quote "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisico". The first time I went I lived in the midwest. It was July and I froze even on sunny days. I was SHOCKED. Now that I live is SO CAL I know that California is not as hot (except inland), as people think.
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Oh I didn't think it was hot. Just mild enough for sandals most of the year. I looked at the average temps and it resembled spring here. Like I said, in Maine once the snow goes out the flip flops are on, which is like 35 degrees and up really.

I really need some cute, work appropriate flat sandals. I just wish they had a little more than the strip of leather for a bottom. Not supportive at all! I keep looking.