I found this article during a search for naturally curly hair and I am shocked!!! This is horrible!!! DRY your hair then BRUSH....NO WAY!!!!! Most curly girls shouldn't even own a brush!!!

Want Curly Hair?

Want curly hair? Now you can get it!

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If you have the ability to naturally curl your hair, meaning you have naturally wavy or slightly curly hair, it is fairly easy. You don't have to do throught all the hassel of using curling irons or curlers. You don't have to pay sixty bucks to get a perm, but you do have to spend 5 minutes in the morning.


1. When you get up, take a shower and use a shampoo and conditioner that help curls or give you volume.

2. Dry your hair, carefuly brush it, and comb in a leave-in conditioner. (Skip the leave-in conditioner if you have really oily hair)

3. Work in a curling, anti-frizz, holding mousse and tightly scrunch your hair with your hands.

4. Spray a light coat of hair spray and scrunch some more to lock the curls in place.

Once you are satisfied, congratulations! You now have a way to easily transform limp, wavy hair in to oodles of noodles!

To all of you that have strait hair, sorry this article doesn't include you. More curling options coming soon.

Found at: http://www.glitterspa.com/curly.html
a good mix of 3A and 3B curlies, brown and long with layers...haven't found my HG, but working on it!