Caucasians can have curly hair. The Irish is one group I can name where curls are seen every other person or so. Some are born with straight hair too. I blame this back to the ancient days where the Caucasians didn't want others to intermix with slaves so they viewed curly hair as African American and therefore ugly and unwanted. So curly haired Caucasians denounced their curls to avoid being like an African American and deem that only those of African descent can have curls, opposite of their society imposed view of beauty. That's just my little two cents.
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Don't forget the the Norwegians, Italians, etc.

And that's a far off theory.
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I stated the one group I was familiar with :/ and no it's not since it existed. Like stated there was the one drop rule. I had no idea it was called that thanks (: Black was black no matter how little there was in descent. Curly hair at the time was deemed a black trait, anyone with it was assumed to have black in their genes. I'm just saying the maaaybe the stigma's still remained a tad bit more than we'd like.
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