As a conservative, I would not vote for Romney in the primary. Now if he won the nomination, I would do what I did when I voted for McCain - close my eyes, hold my nose, pull the lever, and go home and take a shower.

Anyone but Mitt......
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He is a conservative, or else, he identifies that way. What makes you think he is not? I don't think instituting a healthcare plan his state makes him a liberal. MA is very different from the U.S. as a whole, and I know he gets it wouldn't work for the U.S.

I don't think caring about the environment makes him a liberal. I don't know that he personally does, but his state has the best environmental record. We're screwed as far as that goes, but if the principles are there, the record is there, it makes me feel better about the candidate as a human being. An issue like that shouldn't have a thing to do with liberalism/conservatism.

I'm sure some people have an issue with his religion because he's heads above other candidates in the polls, it seems to be his time, but Repubs hesitate to make him the frontrunner. Why?
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He can identify himself however he chooses but in no way does his record classify him as a conservative. He is a big-government Republican. That's where the lack of enthusiasm is coming from, in my opinion.

I don't put much stock in early polls. It's way too early in the game for that.