My hair has been looking really crappy lately. I've been washing with Elucence and conditioning with Body Shop Banana or Biolage Conditioning Balm.

Here's my hair about a week and a half ago for a "before". It's not terrible but it's more unruly than curly.

And here it is this morning, after one time using No-Poo. I have tried CO washing in the past and it never worked this well.

ETA: I only used No-Poo in the shower. No additional conditioner. My hair is so short right now that it seemed like conditioner after something so thick would be too much. Products in my hair are re:coil and BRHG, which I've been using here and there for years. Hair's been plopped, clipped with duckbill clips and diffused a little bit. It had been styled the same way in the "before" as well.
3a/b, fine, lots of it

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