Do you have any photos of your hair?

Could your hair still have some relaxed pieces?

Do you color your hair?
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I don't have any photos of my hair natural but I will definitely try to get some. I do have some relaxed pieces and I plan of cutting them off as soon as I find something that works with my hair, and I have never colored my hair.

A hair analysis is done by companies like live curly live free, and they tell you the properties of your hair (porosity, elasticity, etc).

If you are certain that your hair is low porosity, that actually might be the issue as to why products don't work. You might have to open the shaft, like with baking soda or heat, for products to penetrate your hair. But be careful because that could cause damage.
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Ok thanks. I'll look into that. I'm about 90% positive my hair is low porosity because it takes a little while to become "soaking wet" and it hardly ever fully absorbs products. It also makes a "squeaking' sound when I run my fingers from tip to root on it. I was considering doing a baking soda treatment, but I heard that it's really alkaline. If the KBB hair mask doesn't work I will try it though.

Last night I bought Jessicurl WDT because it's protein and glycerin free. I put on a shower cap and left it on for a couple of hours and once I rinsed it out, my hair felt so dry and hard. I was really hoping it would work but it didn't and that's what really made me want to just quit. I'm considering trying KBB's Luscious Locks Hair Mask along with the Sweet Ambrosia (glycerin is pretty low on the list of ingredients). I'm still thinking about getting the Butter Love.
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1-I think using the right products can make a big difference. when you check out KBBs Luscious, also look into (or ask for samples of) her moisturizing shampoo and conditioner- all natural products that aim to moisturize have been game changers for my hair.

2-also try an apple cider vinegar (acv)rinse to rid of build up from previous products. it serves as a neutralizer and gives you a fresh start. after experimenting with different products, even after a wash, my hair was feeling like straw for a while. an acv rinse removed that buildup and my hair was able to really benefit from the natural shampoos, shea etc in a new way.

3- twist or braid even if large every night. permed hair made me think water was an enemy but also dampen hair a tiny bit water before applying shea, butter or whatever you may use to twist. then wear silk stocking etc. this has done wonders compared to trying to rewear twist out etc. especially if hair is dry.
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I was actually thinking of ordering the KBB hair mask and sweet ambrosia (the dew point in my city is in the 60s so hopefully a little glycerin wouldn't be too bad for my hair) at curlmart since I've heard less then great things about KBB's service.

I've only ever had one successful experience with an ACV rinse (that time I used Aussie and got spectacular results) but I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it another try)

Ever since going natural I almost always make sure my hair is in some sort of protective style before bed. I'll admit I don't moisturize as much as I should though because I've yet to find a product that provides the right amount of moisture (not to light or too heavy).