The first two are taken from the CG book:


'More clarifying and cleansing than any shampoo, this moisturizing and neutralizing tonic adds shine to your hair and removes buildup. It's especially good for very dry or damaged hair.'

Combine juice of 1 large lemon* with your usual amount of conditioner, then rinse through hair thoroughly.'

NOTE: A lot of people find 1/2 a lemon is enough as for some this can be drying. Also, for best results it should be thoroughly rinsed out with cool water and followed by regular conditioning.

*Lime and even grapefruit juice may be used.

WATTACURL WANTS (Baking soda rinse)

'The baking soda will remove heavy product buildup and leave your hair feeling shiny and clean.'

1 Tbsp. baking soda
1 C. warm water

Combine above ingredients in a plastic applicator bottle and shake or mix well in a plastic cup, pour through thoroughly water rinsed hair (or after a CO wash), allow to sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse off first with lukewarm water then cool, condition and style as usual.

NOTE: I've taken the liberty of modifying instructions for this one because I've noticed many, many times that people were not getting the desired effect by doing it the way it's explained in the book. This is an alkaline rinse so if not followed by conditioning the hair will feel "rough".

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) RINSE:

This is an acid rinse similar to the "Lemon Aid" but also very helpful when dandruff or oily scalp buildup are a problem; it's also helpful to remove light mineral buildup from water.

1-2 Tbsp. ACV
1 C. warm water

Combine preferably in a plastic applicator bottle, apply as above, if buildup is heavy leave on longer before rinsing and/or repeat.

NOTE: If your hair is longer than shoulder length and/or thick you may have to double the recipe. Those with very hard water may also need to increase amount of ACV. Instead of plain water you may want to try an herbal infusion (such as chamomile or rosemary) for added benefit to the hair.
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Wish I'd read this and thought of it before posting my SOS in the no-poo threads. Going to try ACV instead this AM. I don't have ACV with the mother in it. Will the Wal-Mart cheapie brand be just as effective, or do I really want to go to health-food store or some other location to buy ACV with the mother in it?