It may be time to pull out the mixologist within. I had the same issue with dryness and it took quite some time to figure it out. I found that what really helped me alot was melting down my shea, add a few oils(jojoba, vatika, any essential oil) then freezing it to get it solid.

That mixture i can use for daily(or nightly) moisture, a moisturizing deep condish and for my skin actually. That concoction make a huge difference for me.

I personally have a steamer that I use for deep treating...I found that it also helped tremendoulsy. My hair doesn't like dry heat...because its more...well drying. LOL. I travel every week and by travel i mean i get on a plane twice a week and I travel to cold climates although i live in a warm one. That change of climate and lack of moist air (from the plane) caused a ruckus. Just give it some time...there is never a need to go back to a perm. I'd say press your hair first if you are feeling that way. when i was a pressed natural (many moons ago), My hair behaved very differenlty and required different products and was NEVER, EVER dry. It also actually retained it's length more because obviously it remained stretched out(if you can call it stretching). I would say give it time and if you just can't do it for some reason, I say press(flat iron of comb). Chemicals are not neccessary.
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