I just noticed something in one of your posts....you said that you are low proisity and were adding aloe juice to things because of the PH. I think that MIGHT be your issue right there. Low porisity means that the cuticle of your hair is naturally closed, which is why many products don't penetrate and enter the hair. If you are adding aloe juice to products, then you are closing the cuticle even more which means that even LESS product (and moisture) are entering your hair. If you are doing ACV rinses, this too is causing the cuticle to close even more (and FYI..ACV does not clarifiy the hair).

One of the easiest remedies for you is to deep conditioner with heat. The moist heat will help the cuticle of your hair open a bit and more moisture will enter the hair. Also, the use of products with a more basic ph might serve to open the cuticle more which will help you get more moisture inside of the hair shaft.
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