I'm sorry but some anti-doctor, anti-medication people get on my nerves. My sister CONSTANTLY complains about medical professionals as if they are 1) evil, ignorant scum who are always secretly plotting to make her life miserable ; 2) totally beneath her and her "research"...conducted solely on the internet and from the most bogus-est of websites, to boot.

She complains about every medication she has take and their horrible "side effects" and how they "ruin her body", yet when I inform her about the different ways one is to take different meds (I was a pharmacy tech for a long time)..............she's totally clueless.

WHO takes Percocet on an empty stomach??!!??

And if she's SO hypervigilant about what she's about to put into her body, WHYYYYYYY doesn't she read up on the medication??? Surely there was some sort of "take with food/milk" sticker on the bottle?

I know some places will just rush you out the door without much ado, but in that case.....AGAIN....wouldn't one just do a quick check on the med just to see how to take it???? I mean, since we're all gung-ho on the RESEARCH anyway......??? Sigh.

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