Is it BIll and Ted? I don't know the movie.

Oh, okay. I'll reconsider. How long until our feedback is due?

p.s. Guess what? Lipsmackers come in Starburst flavors.
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I want to try those lipbalms! I also have some stuff for you but they are surprises so I'm not telling you what they are

The siggie is from Harry Potter. I haven't seen all of Bill and Ted. I started watching it with a friend of mine and he thought I was bored so he stopped it. It looked interesting too.

We choose a new movie on Tuesday, so there's lots of time.

Have you seen it before? Did you not like it? Or you think it won't be good? It's not bad I promise.
I ain't thirsty. There's plenty of fish in the sea, but I don't want all of them, can I have some standards? Or do we just have to settle, for someone's who meh and will do.