I joined the site some time ago but became so busy with life things that I have not had a chance to stay involved. I am over 10years natural but not neccesarilly by choice. After a bad experience with relaxer and color that I brought upon myself I cut all of my hair down to a #1 guard and wore it that way for almost 8 years. I grew my afro out to a mini Foxy Brown and then recently BC it off a few months ago. I will keep it short for summer and then grow it back. I am a natural hair advocate and hair braider but I wont shoot a lady for wearing a relaxer if she chooses to. I am a sucker for products so I am sure I will be involved in the Swap Forum and I love trying new techniques and styles. I am a die hard internet researcher so if there is any question regarding natural hair that is unanswered let me know and I will find it. I believe our hair is what we eat, so I try to eat well and drink lots of H2O. I have two young children,work, and home to take care of but I will make a commited effort to check in with you ladies as often as I can.

I just recently began making Youtube videos to test my skill and creative thought. I just uploaded a video contest where you can win products to perform a straw set so please enter. The contest is super easy. You can find me under thestrangefruitgirl on Youtube. I hope to make friends with you all soon. Take care