Yes, I have been in glasses for nearsightedness since age 10 (my first pair was a pair of bifocals).

I used to be able to read anything with my contacts, but now I have to have low-strength reading glasses on top of my contacts in order to read. This has been getting worse the closer I edged towards 40. Now, it's SO irritating!!!

I love glasses and how they look, but my lens thickness (no matter how much they grind them down) always cancels out the cuteness.

I've always wanted a dozen pairs of funky frames to switch up and play around with, but even if my frames are $10, the cost of the lenses....again. Even with insurance my glasses cost at least $300.

And don't get me started on my sizing issues; after decades of wearing too-big frames, an optometrist assistant only recently was kind enough to advise me to try wearing kids frames. HUGE difference and one I recommend to anyone with a child-sized face like mine. Even the "petite" lines of adult frames, and those "designed for smaller faces" are too big on me!!!

I can't even use because all the issues I have, it's kinda not worth the hassle of returning if, inevitably, something ends up wrong.

ANNNND, I learned that my pupillary distance is some sort of weird "half" measurement.....not just, say, "24", but "24.5" or some such. You can't even enter that into the Zenni order form! (well, it can be entered into the "special instructions" area, I guess....but still.)

But anyway, that's my eye saga. My contact lens Rx is -0.70 and -0.75....I'm not even going to rant about places always having to "special order" due to never having these sizes in stock. I can't ever have glasses made in a hour, either.

It's strange because out of most of the extended family on both sides, only me and my youngest sister have the same bad nearsightedness. I also forgot to add that I'm a glaucoma suspect.

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