No specific age related risks that I've heard about. I had LASIK just over two months ago at age 41 without any problems. But everyone is different and the only way to know for certain is to go for a consultation.

One thing to note tho, LASIK doesn't correct for age-related nearsightedness -the kind when you need reading glasses. That's eye muscle related and not affected by the resurfacing of the cornea that is done by LASIK.

I had pretty bad vision (-6.5 and -5.75). Now I am better that 20-20. It's miraculous!!
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Yes, I figured as much re: the consultation. I really really hope that I can qualify for the surgery.

A friend of mine (coworker) had the surgery while I was working there...previously, I had known of people who had it but never knew them enough to discuss it.

He sat down with me and basically described the entire process in detail from beginning to end. I do realize that there's more than one type of surgery and that I might not get the same one he had....but it was very, very useful information.

I'm even getting impatient with my prescription sunglasses; they're a little older than my current glasses and my eyes feel uncomfortable after wearing them. They're also very heavy across my nose. My current glasses also irritate my nose skin, so I'm always magenta-colored around my nose. I barely even wear my contacts anymore. I think it's time.