My hair is fine and low porosity. I cowashed for six months and my hair was okay. I started using natural soap bars to cleanse when they were popular around two years ago and WOW! My hair just loves them. They are very gentle, just enough to remove the residue ingredients from the rich products that I use. Low porosity hair seems to do well with them, especially if you don't have really HARD water.

My hair just HATES baking soda, but others like it. Even in amounts that are 1/8 the recipe, my hair gets "hard." I steer clear of it.

I wet, use rinse out and style every day. Not sure it it's because I'm a perfectionist about my hair, or I like doing it--but I don't try for second day hair. I use a leave in, curl enhancer (in high dewpoints it's an "or") and jelly product. My hair doesn't like gel (the products with the chemicals like polyquats.)

Personally, I don't use plain oils, I use products that contain them. The line I use the most to "seal" my hair is Marie Dean. The products are really rich. As with anyone with fine hair, I use minute amounts of heavy products so I don't get weighed down. Frequently, my hair is still absorbing product for hours after it drys. It gets better as the day goes on.

My hair prefers the more natural, online, "boutique" products. Most of what I use is in my signature.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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