I agree with Kathymack about the mineral oil. It also takes me several washes to get it completely out of my hair. For me, it's much worse than any kind of silicone in terms of removal. I also am one who needs to clarify occasionally with a sulfate shampoo. I actually find that a sulfate shampoo can really put the spring back in my waves,

And like everyone has been saying, don't give up! It just takes time to figure out a routine and products that work for you!
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I also agree with both these curlies (:

I think you should sulfate poo, to have a clean slate and make sure you have gotten everything out, as well as peace of mind. Suave naturals are pretty cheap and good for any future mishaps.

I also think you should look into lowpoos to use regularly, many curlies here start off strictly cg and add a lowpoo. Over time some of us just get build up/film from even cg products, as kathymac stated. It makes it more difficult for hair to absorb products as well as when you first started, from your initial 'clean slate'.

I know after i lowpoo my hair feels drier in the shower, but it better absorbs conditioner right when i apply it, and stays this way for a week or two, before i need to lowpoo again. Which imo is better in the long run.

Since you already use gvp balm from sally's i would like to reccommend to you ion effective care from there. Some people say its more of a DT than a PT but all the same it has protein in it. At first i used it for 3-5 days straight, and it really helped my hair's strength/elasticity, along with root curl. It also didnt make it dry and brittle like a hardcore protein treatments (all at once). This way you can sort of gauge how much more protein you need, and just keep using it as your hair needs, and stop/slow if it starts to feel too rough/dry.

Also if you do decide to lowpoo but arent comfortable with the idea of the dryness/frizz or if you ever use too much protein, i reccommend spritz and condish method. I think it really helps moisture and moisture retention.

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