Hi!! My hair is 3C and it's blonde! I use Dark & Lovely it doesn't have ammonia and it's really good! You can find it in Sally's !! Good Luck!

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You know, Ive been meaning to ask you how exactly you do this and what you use. Your hair looks amazing and ive been wanting blonde curls for awhile. I also noticed your roots are dark, which mine are too, so im very curious. If you care to share (: please

sorry for guano.

If you arent looking to lighten, i suggest a coloured gloss. Well actually, although ive read they deposit color.. the woman at the salon lightened my roots with a gloss. Im incredibly confused. Lol

But i think glosses are great, it really gives you shine, and a bit of color if you like. Though it does wash out after a month or two (which i wasnt told..darn stylist).

hth somehow.. lol