Hi, I'm posting here because I just don't know what to do. I'm too embarrassed to ask my friends, and I don't want my mother to think I have something serious and not let me go on a trip I have planned.

Could I be going bald even though I'm 17? My part seems to have mysteriously extended far back to my head. From the front, my hair looks normal, so I hadn't really noticed until I saw some pictures taken of me from the back.

Honestly, there could be so many things that could have caused it. This semester was incredibly stressful; I am what you would call an overachiever. I've never eaten well or slept all that much. None of this is new, though.

I don't really have any health problems that I know of. The only thing I am getting checked out at the moment is extremely irregular periods (often 2 to 5 months between periods).

Lastly, I cut my hair short and went modified CG in January. My hair had never looked better until the horrible part in the back. Could it be the low poo (Organix)? Or maybe I shouldn't have clipped back my bangs with duckbill clips every other day to get them to dry straight.

From the back...
Porosity: ??
Elasticity: Normal

It's not easy being a fine-haired wavy in tropical conditions~
Suggest products with anti-humectants? <3

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