No specific age related risks that I've heard about. I had LASIK just over two months ago at age 41 without any problems. But everyone is different and the only way to know for certain is to go for a consultation.

One thing to note tho, LASIK doesn't correct for age-related nearsightedness -the kind when you need reading glasses. That's eye muscle related and not affected by the resurfacing of the cornea that is done by LASIK.

I had pretty bad vision (-6.5 and -5.75). Now I am better that 20-20. It's miraculous!!
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Big hair LaLa, I think that is EXACTLY what my prescription was before I got Lasik! I didn't quite get 20/20 (I was an early adopter; as soon as they said they could fix eyes with severe nearsightedness, I did it). Got about 15 years of good vision, it's regressed now to about -1.5 but that is nothing, thin little glasses, not like before when I couldn't tell my kids apart if they were standing across the room from me.

And yes, very soon will come the reading glasses.

But sinistral55, I was very very happy with my surgery. The main thing that I did not like was it was sort of like a cattle line, and they did not tell me I'd be able to smell my eyes burning, and valium does not work on me so I was very much anxious during the procedure. But to be able to see, when I'd never been able to - it was miraculous.

A lady at my work was -11 prescription and was successfully lasik-ed too, I think they are much better at this now.

Talk to the doctor you want to use, go consult and let him know your concerns. But to me, good vision, even thin glasses, were such a wonderful thing and I am very, very glad I chose to have the eyes fixed.
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