Hello, I'm a new wavy and had some CG success tonight thanks to this great website and forum! The first pic is my before, taken earlier today. I had gotten very frustrated with my hair this a.m., put too much coconut oil in it, and then brushed the he!! out of it, LOL! I should mention, just got it cut last week, with instructions to the stylist to cut to work with the wave, so I can try to go "natural".
The second pic is from this evening. I did a "final" sulfate was to get rid of the Fructis Cream Gel cones. Then I co-washed with EO Coconut Conditioner, using icequeen method (also used a tiny bit of this as a LI). Scrunched in my newly-purchased Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel. I scrunched out as much water as possible upside down, and ended up scrunching out a little more with a microfiber towel and and old tshirt. Let it airdry about 1 1/2 hours, then SOTC'd. Success at long last!!! I now have hope! I know I can get it looking better with practice, but this is so much better than it's ever looked that I am already happy!

Thanks everyone here!!!
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