Hello fellow curly girls,

I've been recently wanting to cut my hair very short, shorter than I've ever cut it. I have no idea how I'd look with hair that short, or whether it would look completely awful. I attached pictures of me, although my hair is currently about shoulder length.

If a short hair cut would work on me at all, I'm not sure what type to get. What about something like this? Or would another short cut work better?

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Cuts like this are very easy to care for. When I had this done at a beauty school I asked for a uniform cut,
mine was about 6 inches long all over.It worked out really well.
You may want to keep your curl pattern in mind, your hair looks like it stays kind of straight for several inches before it decides to curl.
It may look more like the top picture than the bottom one, or you may be lucky and the hair will curl right up
like in the center picture.