Marci - I'd love to see pics of your new cut, too! I remember you posting about what to do with short hair if you wash at night.. what ended up working for you?

My hair was a little shorter than your hair now and on Friday I cut it to the length in your middle picture. I do have to say I love it. The only thing for me is that I wish I would have left it a little longer, however, I know it will be exactly perfect in a couple of months.

I have been receiving nothing but great comments and one I heard twice is that I look younger which is good for a 40 something gal!

Things to keep in mind:
1. Hair does grow back
2. If you are unsure, cut it 1-2 inches longer than you think you want it.
3. Your curl is going to probably spring up more since the weight of your hair now is weighing down the curl.

You might have the stylist cut a piece of your hair underneath your hair by your neck to see how your curl is affected and decided then how much curl you will have.

If you do cut your hair please post pictures.
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