Techmom, I LOVE your hair, I'm dying to get my waves to do that in the front and back.
Since your hair's thin though (mine is too), how'd you manage to keep your hair from being weight down by all the conditioner??
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Thanks so much! I give credit to all the great help I have received on here, so I hope I can pass it on.

The #5 pic is actually second day hair (which is today). Today I spritzed (I have a spray bottle with 1 1/2c water, 1 1/2 t mag sulfate, and 1 T suave naturals coconut - approx measurements), then I sprayed on a bit of suave spray gel (for curls), scrunched it in a bit and then diffused until almost dry. SOTC when completely dry.

I low-pooed yesterday with Avalon Organics which has protein in it, which I need. I low-poo about once a week. I am trying to stretch it out further and further. My rinse out is Tresseme naturals.

On days that I cowash I have been using VO5 clarifying, but I am thinking of going back to using the Tresseme naturals for my cowash too (it foams up a bit and I think it helps carry away some of the grime). Once out of the shower I comb with wide tooth comb, I spray with a little bit of my second day spritz concotion (my hair likes the mag sulfate, but I have to be careful not to overdo it or I feel kinda chalky) then add Garnier pure clean gel (I love this stuff! It isn't sticky at all. I have also used FSG with a 1/4t of mag sulfate) to the still really wet hair scrunching/pumping it in upside down. Then I take as much moisture out with a microfiber towel, just scrunching and holding sections at a time. When I can't squeeze out any more water, I spray on a little of the suave spray gel, then diffuse (mostly pixie style). My hair is still transitioning and my canopy is the loosest of waves. Clumping is not for me for the most part because I am too thin, but sometimes I feel a bit stringy. I remedy this, I lift my canopy and do a very gentle comb with a wide tooth comb on the stuff under the canopy and then set the canopy back down. The result is that the canopy waves don't get pulled out and the rest provides volume.

Oh and I never use a straight leave it anymore. I always end of feeling slimy no matter how little I use. Hope this helps you on your wavy journey.
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