I'm glad you posted this. I had a really bad respiratory reaction to a product w/ Quarternium-15. Hmm, I haven't checked the ingredients, but a lot of ppl like Kinky-Curly Custard (??)- I think that what it's called. I think that brand usually has decent ingredients (check them on CurlMart). There's also a product w/ supposedly good hold in the Shea Moisture line (Iforget its name though). I'm not sure about 3a's, but I know quite a few 3b's like that line. From what I've seen, their ingredients are GREAT! Hope this helps. And as for the contact dermatitis, I found that aloe vera relieved the problem quickly. I also used an OTC corticosteroid.
My signature style: the "braid n' curl"
High porosity, normal elasticity, high density, thick strands, DRY (must moisturize/oil and DT a lot), tangles easily. Highly textured...curl softener+demi-perm color.
Straightened length: Waist (layers)
Textured length: (variable) full SL to BSL

Condish/Shampoo: VO5
Pre-poo: mild protein(VO5)+castor oil+tea tree
Steam treatments: 1-2x weekly
Daily routine and DT: Moisturize w/ Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose+Olive oil and seal w/ Avocado oil