Naturalista Cosmetic's PHd spray is...insane. I need a case of it...a case.

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Okay...first off, I ordered the Broccoli Hair Butter, and got it two days after. Great. Secondly, she included sample is the Twist and Braid Balm.

I spent $6.25 + shipping on a jar of butter, that's listed as 1.85 ounces, but it's more than that, and it's filled to the brim. It's unscented, so I can use on top of my moisture sprays/lotions, to seal.

Now, what's my point? I wonder why Mala, at Afroveda won't drop ONE sample, or give you free shipping (unless she decides to go against the norm), when you drop $100 +. That's why EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm tempted to fall off the wagon with her, I pull it together.
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^^^I was going to order this until I saw it was less than 2 oz. That put the brakes on for me but I will think about it.
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Naw..don't let that put the brakes on it. It's plenty of product, and you don't need a lot. You should try it.
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Product Pusha!

vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
**sophisticated ignorance, I type my cuss words in cursive**

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