OK, I promised pics and here they are! Me with short, yet not quite pixie cut hair attached.

What do you all think?

The first one is my cut curly- blow dried a bit while scrunching, and also air dried a bit. The top part is longer than it looks, as it's pushed back.The second pic is me today, I woke up disliking the way my hair had dried, with the bangs part really crazy and making me feel like I looked like orphan annie haha, so I washed and blow dried straight.

I'm really happy that I went short, I think it's so different and I don't regret it, but I'm not totally satisfied with my cut. I want to change it up a bit........

I looooove this cut on Cecile de France, but my mom is convinced I don't have the right hair texture for my hair to look like this, she says it is too poufy and I have too much hair, and with this cut it'd just stick straight up:

I also adore this cut on Audrey Tautou:

Alternatively, I'm also thinking I should just say eff it, and go this short:

Sooooo, any input/suggestions? It'd be greatly appreciated!
I'm feeling the current cut is a little lesbian/soccer mom-esque which is not by any means a bad thing, just not quiiiite the look this 23 year old is going for. :P Or, if you think I've made a terrible mistake and should begin the regrowing process immediately, you should let me know too, lol.
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