1. a year ago
2. just before cg
3. 3 weeks in before hair cut (my canopy was straighter than the rest so I had layers cut in)
4. 3 weeks in after hair cut
5. 6 weeks in

I am still working on styling. It appears the end of my hair is too thin, but I have come to realize that I have a cowlick at the nape of my neck that pushes all my hair to one side (my son says it looks like I have been wearing a pony tail). I am working on that.

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Your canopy has really took to waving very well!
It looks great!
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Thanks! It is coming along. Credit is due to the helpful wavies. The back and right side are mostly caught up. The left is still a little weak. I am parting in the right, but I had been parting on the left. I am planning on switching it up so I can get even waves. The layers helped a TON!
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