I have 3c curly, curly hair. Last summer I got the Marcia BKT done and while my curls were still in tact, they just were loosened, I loved it!! Then after about 6 months, I decided I wanted another BKT, and did it myself.
Now, its been about 5 months and my hair wont curl at all! I miss my curls soo much and am reading through these posts on ways to remove the keratin. Although, I dont know how to tell if my hair wont curl because of heat damage or because of keratin. Even when I try to scrunch it when its wet or twist it, it wont curl! The roots until about 3 inches down are curly, and the rest, bone straight!

I have been thinking of getting a curly perm to avoid having to chop it all off (again). What do you guys think? Any good brands to use if so?
Any alternatives to a perm? I have been using a sulfate shampoo for almost 2 months now and tried the salt washing too. HELP! I'm desperate