Hi curlies! I'm a newbie, and I'm going to a stylist recommended on the NC site to cut my 3b/a porous curly hair. Hopefully she'll know what to do with it!

I'm asking if I need to tell her to chop off a good 3-5 inches from my long hair (reaches 1/3 of the way down my back) in order to get the back to look less straight/wavy while the front and sides are so curly. The roots are also pretty flat - my hair is medium thickness and I have a fair bit of it.

1. Does it have to be shorter to get consistent curls throughout and volume at the roots?
2. Could my leave in products (GVP conditioning balm, LA looks gel) be weighing it down?

Thank you for your help! I've been reading through threads, but the organization and sheer volume make this place a bit tough to navigate (and slightly overwhelming!).